Inns in North Conway

inns north conway-imageNew Hampshire has a wide variety of choices for overnight lodging. Travelers can choose from the national chains found all over the United States or they can stay from in unique local establishments such as Inns in North Conway. Known for its New England charm and tradition, North Conway, New Hampshire is a popular travel destination during the summer, fall, winter and spring.

Merrill Farm Inn is located along the banks of the Saco River next to the White Mountain Highway. It is one of the first Inns in North Conway if you are traveling from the south. Since the 1800s a few select places have opened their doors to help weary travelers. With a rich history of hospitality Merrill Farm Inn has been welcoming guests for more than 125 years.

Viewed by some guests to be a wonderful bed and breakfast Merrill Farm Inn is also viewed by others to be one of the classic Inns in North Conway. Since times change Merrill Farm Inn has added to the original Farm House. A Carriage House was built in the 1970s then a hotel building was constructed in the 1980s to give more guests the opportunity to stay the night.

Over the years the Inns in North Conway have been engulf by the national hotel chains. However, due to their popularity and unique charm many properties like Merrill Farm Inn have stayed in demand. New England is full of tradition and history that has been a part of the culture from the beginning of the United States. Merrill Farm Inn has survived because people enjoy seeing the way things used to be. National Hotel chains can not duplicate that charm and feel.

Merrill Farm Inn is proud to be a part of the history and traditions of the Inns in North Conway. Every year guests return to vacation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They enjoy the ability to get away from it all and relax in a place that feels more like a second home than a business mans special that could be found in any city on the map.